Quick Tip: Wine Bottles for House Plants

I’m very sad to admit that plants come to my house to die.  They get neglected.  I don’t seem to notice them until their leaves start drooping towards the floor.  I love the way live plants look in my house, I just don’t make taking care of them a priority.  This I know.

In my opinion, wine bottles are gorgeous.  Their colored glass makes them decor worthy in my home.  I use them in several different places, but they have definitely gotten their full use in the decor department and they now go straight to the recycle box.  When I saw them used in this way, I thought it was genius and the perfect solution to my plant-killing problem.

Water the plant well (all of the soil should be moist or all the water will drain out of the bottle as soon as you put it in there), fill a wine bottle with water, turn it upside down and don’t think about watering your plant for about a week to week and a half.