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I invite you to share these recipes with others, but please use good linking practices.

  1. Always link to the original post.  You do this by clicking on the title of the post and using that link.
  2. Please don’t steal my images for your own blog.  All images are my property and are here for illustration purposes.  Don’t use my images and pass them off as your own.  Not cool.  Take your own bad pictures and cook your own food.
  3. You’re welcome to cook and share the same recipes.  When you use the original recipe, credit and link to the source (by the way – a Pinterest pin is never a source – keep digging).  If you modify the recipe, it’s nice to say something like “adapted from ________”.
  4. If you’re on Pinterest, please help promote good linking by deleting any pins that are not linked to the original source.
  5. If you wish to feature directly a recipe and/or photo, please be kind enough to ask for permission by emailing me at mandipresley(at)gmail(dot)com.

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