Meet the Cook

I’m just a girl who loves to cook.

I don’t have an awesome camera (yet).  I don’t know fancy staging or editing techniques (yet). These are two excellent reasons to NOT start a food blog. I love beautiful food blogs, and these are what flour | sugar | eggs | butter hopes to be when it grows up.  In the meantime, while it’s still in its infancy, it’s a great place to see some delicious recipes in action – from a real kitchen, eaten by real people.

The name may lead you to believe it’s going to be all about baking here, but that’s not true.  While baking is my favorite, it’s not the only thing I’ll feature.  It just sounded better than milk, salt, corn meal and vinegar.

I choose my recipes based on a few criteria:

  • I must be able to pronounce and easily purchase all the ingredients.  Complicated and elusive ingredients are a quick way to get me to turn the page – or click the next link, as it often happens.
  • All of the ingredients must be un-messed-around-with.  I do my best to always purchase organic and unprocessed ingredients, with a few small exceptions.  I believe in their benefits for me and for my family.  “From scratch” and “homemade” are terms that attract me.  If there’s a way that I can make it in my kitchen, chances are it’s going to taste a lot better and be a lot better for me than something that is made hundreds of miles away, packed in plastic and a box and sat in a store for weeks.  A very wise woman once told me, “It’s better to eat to live rather than simply living to eat.”
  • They must be incredibly delicious.  Of course, delicious is a very subjective term.  But if I take the time to make it, taste it and like it there’s a good chance that someone else will like it, too.

I hope that you try and enjoy some of the recipes presented here.  Please take a moment to comment, especially if you have tried them.  This little hobby is a labor of love.


My sous chef - checking some ingredient substitutions.

Happy Cooking!


Chief taste-testers.

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