Quick Tip: Flipped Hangers

This post has zero to do with cooking, but when I learned this little trick, it made my life easier in a small way and it’s definitely worth sharing.  For those of you that change out your clothes with the seasons, this will help you know exactly which clothes you are no longer wearing and can, therefore, be given away or sold…or made into dust rags.

It’s this easy:  When you switch your clothes out and hang up the new ones for the season, hang them all backwards in your closet.  The tip of the “question mark” should be facing you, not the wall.  Then, after you wear it, wash it and rehang it, hang it the correct way – with the tip of the question mark facing the wall.  At the end of the season, all the hangers that are still backwards are the clothes you aren’t wearing.  I simply pluck all those down first and put them into a box for Goodwill.  The rest are keepers.

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