Quick Tip: Recipe Binder

As someone who loves researching and trying new recipes, my collection of printed and torn-out-of magazine recipes was getting pretty out of hand and disorganized.

I needed a solution.  I’m pretty techy and thought long and hard about how to go paperless with my recipes.  But the fact is that I really like to hold the recipe in my hand, write notes all over it, move it as I move while I’m cooking and have it in this exact state for when I want to use it again.  Most of these pieces of paper have some remnant of the ingredients right there on the paper.  That obviously wouldn’t be a good thing at all if they were all on some expensive electronic device.

With a few simple office supply store purchases, I brought an organized mess into something usable.

A large binder
tabbed, printable dividers
sheet protectors
card stock

I think that  putting it all together is a real no-brainer.  But, the real find here was these awesome pattern pieces from Sprik Space.  I used them to make the cover of my recipe binder as well as the background image for this blog.  She has beautiful color and patters and is nice enough to offer them free to whoever would like to download them.

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