Homemade Butter

I hate to see quality ingredients go to waste, so when life gives you extra cream, make butter.

Is this the most economic way to have butter in your home?  No.  Heavy cream is expensive, but I’d so much rather see it turned into butter than pour it down the drain when it eeks past its expiration date.  And you get the thrill and bragging rights that come from MAKING YOUR OWN BUTTER.

No butter churn needed – just a stand mixer.  You can now add this to the 100+ really cool things that you can do with your stand mixer, including my most recent favorite: making perfect shredded chicken.

Homemade Butter


any amount of leftover heavy cream
salt to taste (optional)


Put your cream in your stand mixer and crank the bad boy up on medium-high.  After a few minutes, you’ll see your cream come to the whipped cream stage.  You’re just getting started.

The color will begin to transform and the cream will be seriously thick.  You may need to scrape the sides down.

You’re getting close when curds begin to form.

You’re there when the liquid begins to separate from the curds.

Next, use a medium-sized bowl and a strainer to remove the remaining liquid.  Use a larger bowl than you think you’ll need, there’s still a good bit of liquid to come out.

After a few minutes, use a spatula, wooden spoon or your hands to completely remove all the liquid.

When all the liquid is out, transfer the butter to a cutting board to kneed it until smooth.  Add salt if you’re going for salted butter.

Toast some bread and enjoy!


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